Apr 26, 2019
Jack Massari
Electric Cars - Is the future here today?

Jack Massari has been a member of the Rotary Club of Brentwood since 1996 and is a former Bob Billington award recipient. Jack has a BS in Engineering from Clemson, a PE and an MBA. He spent over twenty years in the corporate world in manufacturing, mining, engineering, quality and sales in union and non-union industrial environments, and served as President of the North American subsidiary of a global company. In 1995, he founded an Internet business that he ran for 23 years until selling it in 2017. Jack has always been a “car guy.” He became interested in alternative fuel vehicles, purchasing a hybrid in 2015, then a plug-in hybrid and finally an all electric car. He’s received many questions about the experience and thought it might be helpful to share some thoughts with the Club.