Pearls of doing business with China
Nov 30, 2018
Dr. Ming Wang, MD PhD
Pearls of doing business with China

Pearls of doing business with China


Ming Wang

Harvard &MIT (MD); PhD (laser physics)


Director, Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center


In this presentation, Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD); PhD (laser physics), will present pearls (and perils) of doing business with China, U.S.’ largest creditor and trading partner and the world’s second largest economy. As the CEO of Aier-USA, the new U.S. – China healthcare venture which brings investment from China and creates job here in America, Dr. Wang will speak about China’s history and its astonishing rise in economic development in the 21st century, and best strategies for America in its interaction with the second superpower in the world today. He will talk about the characteristics of Chinese economy, and the best way to increase U.S. export to China and reverse (or at least reduce) our trade deficit with China, the world’s largest consumer market and trading nation today.