Brentwood Reboot Combat Recovery
Jul 12, 2019
Jim Bonds
Brentwood Reboot Combat Recovery

Most agree – we owe a great debt to our veterans.

Upon returning, most veterans assimilate back into the community well.

Many find that transition difficult due to combat trauma.


Jim Bonds will address the July 12th Brentwood Rotary Club about his involvement with Reboot Combat Recovery

Brentwood Baptist Church is one of 160 Reboot host sites throughout the nation offering this faith-based, 12-week course to assist veterans overcome trauma-related issues. More than 4,000 veterans have graduated from Reboot nationally.


The course covers areas such as overcoming guilt, the roots of trauma, & a restored soul.  Veterans teach the course and the overall objective is to reduce the high rate of suicide, divorce, & depression among our veteran community.

Jim has seen first-hand the progress made during Brentwood’s 6 semesters and how Reboot differs from other programs aimed at veterans.  


The purpose of this presentation is increase awareness of Reboot’s availability so that more veterans in Brentwood and the surrounding communities might seek help.


Jim and his family have called Williamson County home for 37 years.


His wife Nancy was a teacher in the Williamson County schools and their 3 adult children graduated from Brentwood High.


Although, Jim retired last year after 14 years in healthcare sales, it was his broadcasting career which brought him to the Nashville area. He was Sports Director at Channel 2 and later a part time anchor at Channel 4.


His accomplishments include “Alabama Sportscaster of the Year”, and “Best Sportscast, Tennessee”.   His primetime special “Kings of the Court” on the Kansas City Kings won a local Emmy. 

He hosted Coaches Show at the University of Kansas and Vanderbilt and also done play by play for both schools.


Bonds covered 2 Super Bowls, a World Series, did a Big 10 Conference Game of the Week.


And for 4 years, he hosted “Southern Football Saturday” with Coach Doug Matthews and Bill King.